A weather app for drying your clothes.

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Is there no greater injustice than hanging your undies out to dry, only to have them soaked again by the rain? Do you want to know when it's safe to hang them out, so you can live in peace once more? Is drying your clothes inside on the radiators contributing to climate change?

This app uses an advanced custom algorithm to give you a Yes, No (or maybe...) answer to the burning question "Should I put my washing outside to dry?"

Taking into account temperature, windspeed, humidity, air pressure, uv index, cloud cover and precipitation, it estimates how long your clothes will take to dry, so you can get on with your life and stop checking up on your clothes like you're their mother or something.

Please note we accept no responsibility for soaked, shrivelled, shrunken or wrinkled clothing as a result of ignoring, or taking, our advice.

Love it!

Actually really reliable! Great concept that saves me cross referencing about 3 other weather apps to decide whether to put my washing out.

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